Friday, January 12, 2018

Beauty and Wonders

No matter how you try to describe Yellowstone, you fall short. Words cannot express the beauty and wonders of this unique place. For this post, I'm going to let pictures do the talking for the most part.  As in the last post, Penny gets credit for all but a few photos. Click the pics for larger views.

What would a visit to Yellowstone be without seeing...

Geothermal features abound; geysers, hot springs, vents and mineral deposits and flats are all over the Yellowstone Caldera.

Riverside Geyser

Young Hopeful Geyser

Artist's Paint Pot

I don't remember if this is part of Artist's Paint Pot or not ....

I also don't remember the name of this area and it's geysers...

White Dome Geyser

Here's some of the wildlife we saw

Remember these guys from the last post? They seemed to appear all over the place. While they were busy taking videos of themselves, I totally photo-bombed them. 

They'd show up at a feature, take a selfie or video in front of it ... and then leave!

They hopped out of a van while I was trying to get shots for a panorama ...

... of Roaring Mountain

As it turned out, I got photo-bombed ...

... by these two guys!

I was lucky to get these. It began to rain, and I had just put a rain cover on my camera, which was in manual mode and still set for the panorama shots. I couldn't get to the controls fast enough because of the cover. Seems they came out OK.

When we headed to the East Entrance to end our stay at the park, we drove through an area that was destroyed by the wildfires of 1988. I turned the pics into black and white to try to express how dismal the area still was, especially in rainy weather.

And that was the end of out Yellowstone adventure. You NEED to go there!

These are just the highlights of our visit. There are way too many pictures to post.