Sunday, November 29, 2020

Moving Again

 Alllllll - Righty Then!

We're moving again, well virtually anyway. There is the whole COVID thing after all.

After a lot of frustration with the whole Bloggr by Google software, I (Paul) bit the bullet and I'm going to be using a Wordpress hosted blog. I spend a huge amount of time choosing and editing pictures, (and hopefully making them look like they haven't been edited..), so you, our readers, can enjoy them to their fullest. Bloggr was no longer letting me accomplish this. Please bear with me as I go through the learning curve of using a new platform. 

This platform is easier to use in some ways, and more difficult in others.Please bear with me as I go through the learning curve of using a new system. At some point I hope to establish a consistent look, navigation that works well regardless of the device the blog is viewed on, and pictures that will enlarge and show in a lightbox when you click on them.

That's the goal anyway...

The new blog can be found at .

If you're an email subscriber you'll need to re-subscribe in the box provided. Sorry about that. I don't know yet if you'll bet the posts emailed to you like before, or if you'll get a link to click on. I guess I'll find out soon enough...

Again, please pardon our dust, but remodel we must.

Thanx, Paul